We welcome the following speakers who have indicated their current availability:

The Honorable Justice Monika Schmidt

Industrial Relations Commission of NSW
Deputy President of the Australian Industrial Relations Commission

Richard McGrath

Director, Hill Rogers Financial Services

Stephen McMahon

Principal, McMahon Worth Forensic Accountants

Ian Dunwoodie

Principal, Beck Dunwoodie & Associates, Solicitors

Glenn Crisp

Senior Partner, Crsip Legal

Stephen Strelitz

Director, GraysOnline

Jane Flemming

Dual Olympian & Commonwealth Gold Medalist

Richard Hill

Senior Partner, DFK - Richard Hill

Murray Godfrey

Principal, RMG Partners Business & Insolvency Solutions

David Bellack

Senior Vice President/ General Counsel,
Aspen Skiing Company

Gary Feldman

Managing Partner, Joshua & Co.

Chris Finn

Senior Partner, Finn Roache Lawyers

Kim Peterson

Global Warming Project Manager, City of Aspen

Joseph E. Edwards, III

Partner, Klein Cote & Edwards LLC

The professional program will be confirmed prior to the Conference and will include a number of the speakers listed above.  Additional speakers (if any) will likely be from the Australian & North American accounting and legal professions.

The professional program has been developed to cover a number of major areas including issues such as:
  • Trends effecting the professions
  • Investment for the long haul
  • Industrial relations in 2009
  • Online auctions and the future of internet retailing in Australia
  • Achieving success in a stressful environment
  • Insolvency issues
  • Governments and the professional
  • Legal issues effecting resort management
  • Intellectual property matters
  • Forecasting trends for construction and development
  • Managing the Media

Note: Full details of the professional program will be available prior to the Conference and may change from that noted above.

Supporting Sponsors

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